The Editorial by the photographer Charles Guo for the current Numéro China, presents watches of high fashion brands such as Dior, Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, in a concept, that differs from the usual mode of representation and presentation.
Watches that are worn on the wrist usual, or around the neck, are suprisingly not presented as we know it from every day of life. Instead Guo uses an artistically medium in the achievement of a very innovative idea: aesthetical projection. Black and white in an eroticized aura on the naked body of the model Alina affect the time pointer sensual and decorative. Face and location move at this editorial in the background.
Dark colors dominate, and at the same time is contrasted with bright light. The Oversized clockworks are fascinating because of a Focus on the very interesting Design.

The importance of time and a clock is presented very intensely, sensual and noble by projection on the whole body.

Time goes by time.